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10 WWpoints for a single slice? Of Pizza

:O I don’t know what that means but it sounds bad! Since going to the gym more regularly I have begun to feel resentment at the calorie content of little chocolate bars as I now view them in “treadmill hours” instead. At first I was all “what do you mean ten mins doesnt burn off a nice big piece of cake?” now i’ve (more or less) come to accept the truth: my brother in law is thin because excersise is fun and relaxing for him so he chooses to do it all the time. My hobbies of watching films and eating delicious things are not so conducive to a svelte frame so if I want to be thinner i’m going to have to change one or both of those XD

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On wedding day jewelry and Tiffany

I was always dazzled by the glitter of Tiffany as a young girl. I look at their website regularly but there are so few things i’d actually wear i’m always quite dissapointed.

They have a silver and turquoise enamel ring that I like, I wanted it as a wedding band but it only comes in Silver. I was super excited for the Rubido pink metal but then I saw it was all stamped on the outside and in the style of their one collection that I wouldn’t wear without being paid an advertising fee. A lot of their stuff reminds me of Nike with labels and logos unecessarily emblazoned on it…If others like it thats awesome for them but it just seems really uncouth to me, makes me feel uncomfortable.

The few things I like from Tiffany I like a lot, but if I had a big pile of cash and wanted really high end jewelry I’d be toddling off to the Jewelry Quarter.